Franchise Financing to Expand Your Business: Do You Qualify?

grow your business with franchise financingAre you interested in franchising your business but aren’t sure if it is a financial possibility? If so, rest assured that there is plenty of money available for franchising and lenders really do want to lend to you!

Qualifying for franchise financing

There is money available to help you franchise your business if you qualify. In order to qualify for franchise financing, you  need 3 things:

  • 2 years in business under your belt
  • pulling over $200,000 a year in revenue
  • with a credit score of around 700

Types of financing

If all you need is enough to pay for franchising your business, Franchise ASAP can finance it for you. We are currently financing 4 clients and are always open to more. For a monthly payment of $2,000 you will pay an interest rate of 5%, or for $1,000 a month you’ll pay an interest rate of 10%.

We also offer franchise financing for your potential franchisees, with a credit score of approximately 700 and no more than 50% of available credit used. Many of the lenders we work with do not charge up front fees, which is a good thing for prospective buyers. We have even had a franchise buyer back out because he didn’t want to pay for his credit report- not a very motivated buyer, certainly, but you can see the benefit.

If your borrowers are proactive, they will be successful. After all, when running a successful business, proactive is the name of the game. Don’t let lack of funds rain on your parade. There is money available to help you expand your business, and we are ready to help you get the ball rolling. Contact me at tom [at] franchiseasap [dot] com or give me a call at 770.595.1055.


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