Who Should NOT Franchise Their Business?

franchising a construction businessWe’ve discussed who should franchise their business, but is there anyone who should not franchise? The answer to that question is “not anymore!”

The best industries for franchising

Here at Franchise ASAP, we help business owners of all kinds develop and sell franchises with our franchise consulting services. You might associate the term “franchise” with restaurants, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  We have recently franchised a screw jack company in Canada, a window company in North Carolina, and an electrical contractor in Georgia. And those are just the most recent; past business franchises we’ve served range from a fashion boutique, to a magazine, to a men’s health clinic, and even a credit repair service.

For evidence of the growing popularity of business franchising, just take a look at Entrepreneur’s annual list of top franchise opportunities.  Of the top ten franchises, only four are restaurants. The number one franchise is a hotel, and the other top spots hail from industries as diverse as fitness, insurance, retail, salon, and automotive.

The number of industries that aren’t franchising is shrinking. The many benefits of franchising your business have helped the practice expand rapidly, and today there are only 2 reasons not to franchise:

  • You want complete control over all employees
  • You want to own all of your locations.

Everyone else is franchisable and should consider contacting a small business franchise consultant today to learn how to double their bottom line. If you’re ready to franchise, contact us and we’ll get started on your standard Franchise Agreement and other franchising documents to get you on the road to expanding your business!


Photo courtesy Naypong via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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