Fitness Industry Offers Some of the Best Franchising Opportunities

franchising a fitness businessThere are many types of businesses that are well-suited to expanding through franchising, but one industry in particular is ripe for a franchise revolution- the fitness  industry. Franchising your fitness business is a logical step that can pay off in a big way. In fact, fitness franchises are some of the top franchises for 2013.

Types of Fitness Franchises

Gyms are one of the most prevalent forms of fitness franchises. The franchise model lends itself well to gyms, and America’s ongoing obesity epidemic and rising awareness of healthy lifestyles drives strong demand. But there is more to fitness franchising than typical chain gyms or fitness clubs. Opportunities for franchising fitness businesses include yoga studios, cross fit gyms, personal trainer services, women-only gyms, and other specialty fitness businesses.

Why Now’s the Time to Franchise Your Fitness Business

There are multiple reasons why now is a great time to franchise your fitness business. For one, consumers are at a unique place right now in their fitness habits. Many consumers got used to attending “low-cost, low-amenity gyms” during the recession, and now, despite economic improvements, they are content to continue using these low price point facilities. Fitness businesses that can offer more variety or value while still maintaining a low price point are poised for success in such a market.

Second, commercial space availability is high. The businesses that failed in droves a few years ago left behind prime real estate that has mostly sat vacant since. The situation is perfect for fitness businesses that can take advantage of these prime commercial properties to enjoy a great location at an affordable price.

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