Franchise Your Education Business Now

tutoring businessWe have discussed some of the top industries for franchising lately, including home healthcare and the fitness industry. However, we would be remiss if we did not mention the education industry.

According to Forbes, the global private tutoring market will exceed $102.8 billion in the next five years. Small business owners specializing in educational services, from private tutoring to test prep to other forms of supplemental education stand to use this booming industry to their advantage by franchising education businesses.

Between floundering public education institutions and increasing competition for college slots, tutoring and teaching businesses are in high demand. Add to that the cuts to educational budgets that have closed many schools’ after-school programs, including tutoring, and it’s clear that private education companies are needed to fill the void.┬áIn addition to the high demand for tutoring assistance, private tutoring services are uniquely suited to help today’s students improve their skills in the face of a distracting, plugged-in culture.

If you own an educational or tutoring company, don’t miss out on this prime opportunity to expand by franchising your business. Both brick-and-mortar and in-home educational services are well-suited to franchising, and Franchise ASAP can help.

As experienced franchise consultants, we have helped many small business owners franchise their businesses quickly and easily. In addition to our franchise development services, we offer financing for both you, the franchisor, and your future franchisees. To learn more about our services and how we can franchise your business in as little as 6 weeks, contact us today.

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