How Franchising Makes the American Dream a Possibility

franchise development to expand your businessWhat does the American dream mean to you? For many people, that dream is encompassed by the idea of owning a successful business. Franchising makes it happen for both the franchisor and franchisee!

Franchising your business by the numbers

At Franchise ASAP, our turnkey franchise development services can help you franchise your business for less than $20,000. With a success rate for franchises of 95%, it’s obvious that franchising is an affordable and low-risk way to expand your business. So how does it work exactly?

You will work with our principal, Tom Rather, to develop your franchise, ensuring personalized service and benefiting from his extensive experience as a franchise consultant. We can get you ready to sell franchises in just 6 weeks, and ready to train your new franchisees in another 6 weeks.

The sale of your first franchise will cover the cost you invested in franchising your business, and by the time you sell your 4th franchise, you will have doubled your company’s current profits with minimal investment.

Selling your franchise: What’s in it for the franchisee?

Selling franchises of your business makes it possible for aspiring entrepreneurs to enter the world of business-ownership without breaking the bank. A franchisee could invest just $75,000 or even $50,000, complete a couple weeks of training, and begin running the business with a good chance of success!

To begin the process of franchising your business with the help of an expert franchise development team, contact Franchise ASAP today! We are ready to help you make your franchise dream a success.

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