You’ve Franchised Your Business… Now How Do You Sell Franchises?

how to sell franchisesHere at Franchise ASAP, our franchise development services can have you ready to sell franchises in just 6 weeks! But how do you actually sell these things after you’ve franchised? Read on for some franchise-selling tips from experienced franchise development consultants.

Don’t give up

No, selling the first franchises after franchising your business is not easy- but it’s worth it! Prepare yourself for rejection and don’t be discouraged easily. The majority of people who answer your ads will not follow through, but that’s OK. You don’t want the majority of people to represent your brand- you just need a couple hard-working entrepreneurs on board to help you get started.

Don’t use a broker

Brokers don’t care about your franchise. In order to make your franchise business successful, you will need to sell the first few on your own. No one wants to sell your first franchise, but once you have hurdled that obstacle, subsequent franchise sales will be easier. The more franchises you sell, the more legitimate it looks to potential buyers.

Make it easy for franchisees

As we mentioned in a previous post, one of the best ways to sell franchises is to make it easy for potential franchisees! Creating a franchise opportunity that allows someone to just walk in and start selling will help you attract buyers. Having a good franchise operations manual will also help set their minds at ease.

Another important way to make your franchise business attractive to franchisees is providing franchise financing. Our franchise development group can set you up with $20,000 to $100,000 in corporate credit through unsecured business credit lines, personal credit lines, vendor accounts, and mini-SBA loans.

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