Franchising and the Importance of Brand Identity

franchising a salonWhen you franchise your business, you’re not just selling a business model, you’re selling an image. Your franchisees will pay royalties for the use of your name, logos, and branding package, so of course that branding needs to be top notch!

When you get right down to it, what sets your business apart from the rest? If you say “incredible customer service” or “dedication to quality,” that’s great- but that won’t get people in the door. If you want your franchise to succeed, you will need to develop a creative brand identity that demands attention. Your branding is what will get customers in the door to give you a chance and hold their attention as they are accosted by your competitors’ marketing strategies; customer service and quality are what will bring them back again.franchise your salon or spa

One excellent example of creative brand identity is The Birthday Suit. This Las Vegas-based waxing spa is in the process of franchising and is poised to be a force in the beauty industry. It can be hard to differentiate yourself in the salon and spa industries, where services are often quite similar and the quality of the experience rests largely on the skill of the stylist or technician. However, The Birthday Suit has taken a mundane beauty chore (waxing) and created a brand identity that is playful, hip, and sexy- just like Vegas!

It’s no secret that attractive packaging can make one product seem much more appealing than another, and the branding of your franchise business is no different. With a cute retro aesthetic and consistency in branding, The Birthday Suit is able to get customers in the door- and the experience they provide their customers gets them coming back again and again.

If you have a successful business with a unique brand identity, franchising could be the perfect way to expand your business. Contact Franchise ASAP today to speak to our franchise expert, Tom Rather, and get started franchising your business in as little as 6 weeks!

Photos via The Birthday Suit on Facebook 


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