Franchising Your Business By the Numbers

profit increase from franchising your companyFranchising is the low-risk way to expand your business without expanding your risks. If you are ready to take your business to the next level with franchising, read on to learn exactly how franchising can help you double your bottom line.

Cost to franchise

Obviously your first concern is the cost of franchising. How much does it cost to franchise a business? Here at Franchise ASAP, we can help you franchise for less than $20,000, with personalized attention from our principal, experienced franchise development consultant Tom Rather.

When you sell a franchise to a franchisee, the franchisee will pay you a one-time franchise fee in addition to royalties every year. The fee you collect from selling just one franchise will cover your franchise development costs. Each franchise you sell after that increases the value of your business.

Franchise profits

Once you have sold franchises to your new franchisees, your income just continues to increase. For example, let’s say you sell 10 franchises.

10 franchises doing $250,ooo per year in sales x 5% royalty x 10 years= $1, 250,000 over the course of a decade- and that’s on top of the profits generated by your company-owned location.

Are you ready to double your bottom line by franchising your company? If so, call Tom Rather at 1.866.361.9940 or contact us to get started. We also recommend that aspiring franchisors read our FREE ebook, Why I’m Going to Franchise My Business and Why You Should, Too!


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