How to Franchise Your Business on a Budget

businessman franchising businessYou know franchising your business is the best way to expand while minimizing your risk, but is it possible to franchise on a budget? Absolutely! That’s exactly what we do here at Franchise ASAP.

How does franchise development work?

We provide turnkey franchise development for less than $20,000,  and can have you ready to sell franchises in just 6 weeks. That quick turnaround means that you can quickly cover your franchising costs through the sale of franchises.

Once you sell a franchise, that franchisee will pay you a monthly royalty percentage based on Gross Sales for a 10-year renewable term, in addition to the initial franchise fee. Just one franchise fee can cover the cost of franchising your company, and by the time you have sold 4 franchises, you will have doubled the profit of your current company, without having to build or rent a new space, hire a single new employee, or invest more money in your business!

In addition to our low franchise development costs that allow you to avoid expensive law firms, we also offer financing to help you franchise your business.

Franchise financing

We can provide qualified franchisors with anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 in funds, including unsecured business credit, personal credit, vendor accounts, and mini-SBA (Small Business Administration) loans. If you think you qualify and are ready to franchise your business, it’s time to take the next step.

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