Marketing Your Fitness Franchise Business

franchising a fitness businessHaving a strong brand identity is essential when franchising a business, and nowhere is that more true than in the fitness industry. Whether you are trying to franchise a yoga studio, gym, bootcamp, nutritional counseling service, physical therapy clinic, or any other type of fitness business, these fitness franchise marketing tips can help you set your business apart and attract franchisees and clients.

Identify your corporate “personality.”

There’s nothing worse than a company that doesn’t know who it is or why it does what it does. Having a clear, articulated knowledge of your company attitude and goals will inform every aspect of your marketing, from the tone of your website copy to the graphic design of your marketing materials.┬áIt will also directly affect the franchisees you attract, so your branding and marketing should reflect the core values of your franchise.

Participate in your community.

Even if your gym franchises are spread across the country, participating in your local community is an invaluable marketing tool. Join other local businesses and organizations at health fairs and festivals, offer your services as prizes for local fundraisers, and uses your business to help make your community a better place. This will not only increase your exposure and name recognition, but will also help set the tone of your company culture. Encouraging franchisees to undertake similar efforts will help your fitness franchises gain traction in new locations and ultimately foster the success of the business.

Use videos to get your franchises found online.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, so harnessing the power of videos to market your fitness business is a no brainer. It’s also a particularly appropriate medium to market fitness industry franchises. Make an exercise video or tutorial, do a video tour of your gym, or provide short informational video blogs. Be sure to visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn more about franchising your gym or other fitness business!

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