Which Industries are Best for Franchising?

franchising your salonAt Franchise ASAP, we help small business owners from all over the country franchise their businesses, expanding their profits and realizing their entrepreneurial dreams. Business owners often wonder which industries are best for franchising, and there’s a common misconception that franchising is just for the restaurant industry. But take it from us- there is so much more to franchising than restaurants.

While we are happy to be developing numerous restaurant franchises, from pizza joints and frozen yogurt shops to Mexican restaurants, they are just the tip of the iceberg. Take for example Entrepreneur’s 2013 Top New Franchises. This list of the best and brightest businesses to start franchising in the last 5 years features concepts as diverse as video gaming party truck rentals, an emergency cleanup service, a security company, and automotive equipment rentals.

Here at our franchise development company, we believe that just about any business can be successfully franchised if you have a great concept and a great plan. Obviously home healthcare franchising is a growing force, as well as franchising gyms, yoga studios, fitness magazines, and other fitness industry businesses, but we are also currently franchising boutiques, consignment shops, a waxing studio, an electrical contractor, a credit repair company, and even testosterone replacement!

If you are ready to expand your business while limiting your risk, contact us today! Our experienced franchise development consultant, Tom Rather, can help you franchise your business quickly and affordably. We even offer franchise financing to help you bring your franchising vision to life!

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