Benefits of Franchising: Training Franchisees

franchising-business-plan-diagramAs we have discussed before, franchising your business does involve giving up some direct control- after all, your franchisees own their own businesses under your company’s name, they are not your employees. While this does give them more autonomy, it does not mean that you have no control over the quality of service and product they produce. To set your franchisees and yourself up for success, it all comes down to training.

3 things to remember about training franchisees

  • One of the benefits of working with franchisees instead of managers  is that your franchisees will generally be much more motivated to make the business succeed because they are taking a financial risk. If you have chosen your franchisees wisely, they will greet training and educational measures enthusiastically.
  • Franchisees require more extensive and detailed training than would normally be given to employees, but once their training is complete, they will be much more self-sufficient. Once the training period is over, your role as a franchisor becomes like that of an adviser, rather than a manager. You will be there to offer advice when needed, but not to oversee the minutiae of daily business.
  •  The most important training tool for your company is the Franchise Operations Manual. This document needs to be extremely detailed, comprehensive, and easy to understand. It is not only instrumental in the initial training of franchisees, but will also help them adhere to your company standards when they are back in the field. The quality of your training and Operations Manual will ultimately determine the consistency of your franchises- and consistency is the reason consumers often choose to patronize franchises in the first place.

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