Should You Hire a Franchise Consulting Company?

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Don’t worry, we can take the headache out of franchising your business.

Franchising your business is a great way to expand without the capital and risks involved with opening company-owned locations, but do you know how to franchise? While you don’t have to hire a franchise consultant, the complicated, expensive process can be hard to navigate for most people. Read on to learn why working with a franchise development company could be the right choice for you.

Fewer costly mistakes now AND later

If you have never franchised a business before, you are probably unfamiliar with the process and the potential pitfalls of the many decisions you will have to make in the beginning. The decisions you make during the franchising process will affect your business for years to come, so it’s well worth it to work with an experienced franchise consultant who can help you make those hard decisions.  In addition to business decisions, there are many federal and state laws with which franchisors must comply. Unless you are well-versed in franchise law, it’s easy to trip up.

Franchise financing and sales

Just because you file a Franchise Disclosure Document with the FTC doesn’t mean you will be able to sell franchises. Here at Franchise ASAP, we can help you close more franchise deals with our 4 step sales process. We also offer franchise financing to help expand your pool of possible franchisees.

To get started franchising your business, call Tom Rather today at 1-866-361-9940. We can have you selling franchises in just 6 weeks and training your first franchisee in another 6 weeks!


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