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christmas decorationsChristmas morning about 7:15 am, I got an email from Bill in Pennsylvania. Bill modifies homes for the handicapped and elderly, and he wants to franchise his business. This is an area I have a strong interest in. Bill mentioned that he didn’t expect a call today, but a call in the next few days would be nice. I called Bill about 7:30 am. He was surprised, and we had a good conversation. I told Bill how I’d spent four years helping a stroke victim, so I was keenly aware of the needs of the handicapped and people with limited mobility. We talked further and I sent Bill some information on our franchise development services, as well as a Franchise Proposal, on Christmas Day.

When you’re doing what you love, the day doesn’t matter.

Helping others reach their dream is what it’s about. We’ll franchise Bill, I’m certain of it. If you’re thinking about franchising your dream, we would love to hear from you today. Contact Franchise ASAP online or call me, Tom Rather, to discuss your franchise goals and get started franchising your business affordably today.


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