Franchise ASAP: What Does it Mean?

as southern as possible napkinLanguage is fluid and sometimes words and acronyms can have more than one meaning. I was recently reminded of this when I picked up the napkin shown at right during a dinner party. ASAP- “as southern as possible.” It got me thinking about what Franchise ASAP really means.

As Soon As Possible– Did you know that the first usage of this acronym dates back to 1954? Like many acronyms, it has a military heritage, initially used by Captain Annis G. Thompson in his firsthand account of the Korean War, The Greatest Airlift. This is the original and most commonly used meaning of the ASAP acronym, and we included it in our name for a reason. We franchise your business as soon as possible, so you are ready to sell in 6 weeks and ready to train your first franchisee in another 6 weeks.

But that’s not the only thing ASAP stands for. You could also say that those letters in our name stand for As Simply As Possible. Franchising your business can be a complicated process, but our experienced franchise development team has the knowledge and resources to make the process easy for you!

We also ensure that the franchise development of your business is As Savvy As Possible. Your franchise documents are extremely important and set the stage for the future of your business. From the Standard Franchise Agreement to the Franchise Operations Manual, we will help you develop documents that protect the unique concept of your business while empowering your franchisees to succeed.

If you are ready to franchise your business affordably and quickly, contact me, Tom Rather, at 1-866-361-9940.


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