My Brush with Celebrity

photo (4)Last week it was a slow day at work here at Big Canoe. So I jumped on my Harley and rode through the mountains. Not hard to do since we live in the mountains.

I did my normal 60 mile ride across Burnt Mountain, over Sunrise to Hwy 52 and then to Amicalola State Park for a break. As I rode into the park I saw some movie trucks. I asked one of the drivers what was going on. He said they were shooting a movie. I asked who is in it? He said a couple of people. I didn’t see any people so I asked where are all the people? He said they are up at the lodge on top.

Amicalola State park is where the Appalachian Trail starts. Eighty percent of the hikers start here. So I went up to the lodge. There were 40-45 people in the big lobby. A crew member was standing next to me. I asked him who is in the movie. He said a couple of people. I’m wondering what the big secret is. So I decided to look around for myself.

I looked to my right and there sat Nick Nolte, studying his lines and somebody was fixing his hair. In a minute he called somebody over and asked, have you read this?
They said no. He threw down his notes and walked off down the hall.

So I looked around to see who else I could see. Sitting on the couch, to my left, with several others, was Robert Redford. They were fluffing u his hair and even making up his hands. His hands must look old like mine.

I watched for a few minutes, then jumped back on my Harley, headed for home. Smiling at what happened. I found out later they were shooting, A Walk In The Woods, a book by Bill Bryson.

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  1. Dave DiCenso says:

    Thanks for sharing the story of the “celebrity” status of each and everyone of your clients.

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