Franchising Your Business By the Numbers

profit increase from franchising your companyFranchising is the low-risk way to expand your business without expanding your risks. If you are ready to take your business to the next level with franchising, read on to learn exactly how franchising can help you double your bottom line.

Cost to franchise

Obviously your first concern is the cost of franchising. How much does it cost to franchise a business? Here at Franchise ASAP, we can help you franchise for less than $20,000, with personalized attention from our principal, experienced franchise development consultant Tom Rather.

When you sell a franchise to a franchisee, the franchisee will pay you a one-time franchise fee in addition to royalties every year. The fee you collect from selling just one franchise will cover your franchise development costs. Each franchise you sell after that increases the value of your business.

Franchise profits

Once you have sold franchises to your new franchisees, your income just continues to increase. For example, let’s say you sell 10 franchises.

10 franchises doing $250,ooo per year in sales x 5% royalty x 10 years= $1, 250,000 over the course of a decade- and that’s on top of the profits generated by your company-owned location.

Are you ready to double your bottom line by franchising your company? If so, call Tom Rather at 1.866.361.9940 or contact us to get started. We also recommend that aspiring franchisors read our FREE ebook, Why I’m Going to Franchise My Business and Why You Should, Too!


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How to Franchise Your Business on a Budget

businessman franchising businessYou know franchising your business is the best way to expand while minimizing your risk, but is it possible to franchise on a budget? Absolutely! That’s exactly what we do here at Franchise ASAP.

How does franchise development work?

We provide turnkey franchise development for less than $20,000,  and can have you ready to sell franchises in just 6 weeks. That quick turnaround means that you can quickly cover your franchising costs through the sale of franchises.

Once you sell a franchise, that franchisee will pay you a monthly royalty percentage based on Gross Sales for a 10-year renewable term, in addition to the initial franchise fee. Just one franchise fee can cover the cost of franchising your company, and by the time you have sold 4 franchises, you will have doubled the profit of your current company, without having to build or rent a new space, hire a single new employee, or invest more money in your business!

In addition to our low franchise development costs that allow you to avoid expensive law firms, we also offer financing to help you franchise your business.

Franchise financing

We can provide qualified franchisors with anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 in funds, including unsecured business credit, personal credit, vendor accounts, and mini-SBA (Small Business Administration) loans. If you think you qualify and are ready to franchise your business, it’s time to take the next step.

Call Tom Rather at 1.866.361.9940 to get started, or contact Franchise ASAP online.


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Marketing Your Fitness Franchise Business

franchising a fitness businessHaving a strong brand identity is essential when franchising a business, and nowhere is that more true than in the fitness industry. Whether you are trying to franchise a yoga studio, gym, bootcamp, nutritional counseling service, physical therapy clinic, or any other type of fitness business, these fitness franchise marketing tips can help you set your business apart and attract franchisees and clients.

Identify your corporate “personality.”

There’s nothing worse than a company that doesn’t know who it is or why it does what it does. Having a clear, articulated knowledge of your company attitude and goals will inform every aspect of your marketing, from the tone of your website copy to the graphic design of your marketing materials. It will also directly affect the franchisees you attract, so your branding and marketing should reflect the core values of your franchise.

Participate in your community.

Even if your gym franchises are spread across the country, participating in your local community is an invaluable marketing tool. Join other local businesses and organizations at health fairs and festivals, offer your services as prizes for local fundraisers, and uses your business to help make your community a better place. This will not only increase your exposure and name recognition, but will also help set the tone of your company culture. Encouraging franchisees to undertake similar efforts will help your fitness franchises gain traction in new locations and ultimately foster the success of the business.

Use videos to get your franchises found online.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, so harnessing the power of videos to market your fitness business is a no brainer. It’s also a particularly appropriate medium to market fitness industry franchises. Make an exercise video or tutorial, do a video tour of your gym, or provide short informational video blogs. Be sure to visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn more about franchising your gym or other fitness business!

Are you ready to franchise your fitness business? For fast, easy franchise development with an experienced team, contact Tom Rather at Franchise ASAP today!

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Franchising and the Importance of Brand Identity

franchising a salonWhen you franchise your business, you’re not just selling a business model, you’re selling an image. Your franchisees will pay royalties for the use of your name, logos, and branding package, so of course that branding needs to be top notch!

When you get right down to it, what sets your business apart from the rest? If you say “incredible customer service” or “dedication to quality,” that’s great- but that won’t get people in the door. If you want your franchise to succeed, you will need to develop a creative brand identity that demands attention. Your branding is what will get customers in the door to give you a chance and hold their attention as they are accosted by your competitors’ marketing strategies; customer service and quality are what will bring them back again.franchise your salon or spa

One excellent example of creative brand identity is The Birthday Suit. This Las Vegas-based waxing spa is in the process of franchising and is poised to be a force in the beauty industry. It can be hard to differentiate yourself in the salon and spa industries, where services are often quite similar and the quality of the experience rests largely on the skill of the stylist or technician. However, The Birthday Suit has taken a mundane beauty chore (waxing) and created a brand identity that is playful, hip, and sexy- just like Vegas!

It’s no secret that attractive packaging can make one product seem much more appealing than another, and the branding of your franchise business is no different. With a cute retro aesthetic and consistency in branding, The Birthday Suit is able to get customers in the door- and the experience they provide their customers gets them coming back again and again.

If you have a successful business with a unique brand identity, franchising could be the perfect way to expand your business. Contact Franchise ASAP today to speak to our franchise expert, Tom Rather, and get started franchising your business in as little as 6 weeks!

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Which Industries are Best for Franchising?

franchising your salonAt Franchise ASAP, we help small business owners from all over the country franchise their businesses, expanding their profits and realizing their entrepreneurial dreams. Business owners often wonder which industries are best for franchising, and there’s a common misconception that franchising is just for the restaurant industry. But take it from us- there is so much more to franchising than restaurants.

While we are happy to be developing numerous restaurant franchises, from pizza joints and frozen yogurt shops to Mexican restaurants, they are just the tip of the iceberg. Take for example Entrepreneur’s 2013 Top New Franchises. This list of the best and brightest businesses to start franchising in the last 5 years features concepts as diverse as video gaming party truck rentals, an emergency cleanup service, a security company, and automotive equipment rentals.

Here at our franchise development company, we believe that just about any business can be successfully franchised if you have a great concept and a great plan. Obviously home healthcare franchising is a growing force, as well as franchising gyms, yoga studios, fitness magazines, and other fitness industry businesses, but we are also currently franchising boutiques, consignment shops, a waxing studio, an electrical contractor, a credit repair company, and even testosterone replacement!

If you are ready to expand your business while limiting your risk, contact us today! Our experienced franchise development consultant, Tom Rather, can help you franchise your business quickly and affordably. We even offer franchise financing to help you bring your franchising vision to life!

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Should You Franchise Your Restaurant?

Georgia restaurant franchising consultantsThere are many reasons to franchise your business, but franchising is an especially smart choice for many restaurant owners. Food and beverage franchises are very common, and for good reason. Read on to learn what it takes to transform your restaurant into a successful food franchise.


In order to make a good franchise, your restaurant needs to offer a product that can be consistently duplicated in order to provide customers with a reliable dining experience. If the success of your restaurant rests solely on the skill and creativity of one chef, it is going to be harder to duplicate that experience than it would be for a restaurant with a small, high-quality menu and detailed company standards that ensure competent cooks can put out a product you’ll be proud to have your company’s name on. Creating a detailed Franchise Operations Manual is key to ensuring consistency throughout your restaurant franchises.

Franchise ROI

When it comes to successful franchise development, you must always consider the ROI (return on investment) for your franchisees. In order to keep selling franchises and making licensing fees from them, you will need to provide a franchise opportunity that allows franchisees to generate 15% ROI.


It may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people try to franchise their restaurants without addressing this question: What sets your restaurant apart? What would make a potential franchisee take the financial risk to buy into your brand, your business model? Identify the thing that sets you apart from the rest of the pack. Having a clear company culture will help you appeal to (and hopefully sell franchises to) potential franchisees. One way to know if your restaurant has the desirability needed to franchise is whether or not people have asked you about it. If people are inquiring, unsolicited, as to whether or not you will sell them a franchise, there is obviously some interest there to cash in on.

Still not sure if you should franchise your restaurant? Contact Franchise ASAP today to speak with Tom Rather.

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The Changing Face of the Home Healthcare Industry

home healthcare industry on the riseThe time is now to franchise your home healthcare business, and at Franchise ASAP, we can help you do just that! The industry is undergoing some major changes, so read on to learn more about the future of this growing field in franchising.

Demand is on the rise

It’s no secret that America is home to a rapidly aging population. As more and more Baby Boomers age, the demand for medical professionals and in-home care rises. Experts estimate that by the year 2020, 17% of the U.S. population will be senior citizens. With more people wanting to stay in their homes, it’s clear that someone will have to step up to help meet the demand for in-home healthcare. For owners of home nursing and healthcare businesses, this provides a unique opportunity for both business expansion and helping to care for people who need it.

Good help is hard to find

As a home healthcare business owner, you are probably interested in the employment outlook for the field. At the moment, there are not nearly enough qualified home healthcare employees to meet the projected need, but the good news is that a growth in the qualified workforce of 50% is expected in the next five years.

Technology is changing the game

Thanks to technological advances in everything from medical equipment to patient information systems, the home healthcare industry is gaining some valuable new tools that can improve quality of care for the patient and make life easier on home healthcare providers. Just remember that in order to stay relevant and make your business a success, you will need to keep your workforce up-to-date on the latest technology.

If you’re ready to franchise your home healthcare agency, contact our franchise consultants today! We can help you franchise your home in as little as 6 weeks!

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You’ve Franchised Your Business… Now How Do You Sell Franchises?

how to sell franchisesHere at Franchise ASAP, our franchise development services can have you ready to sell franchises in just 6 weeks! But how do you actually sell these things after you’ve franchised? Read on for some franchise-selling tips from experienced franchise development consultants.

Don’t give up

No, selling the first franchises after franchising your business is not easy- but it’s worth it! Prepare yourself for rejection and don’t be discouraged easily. The majority of people who answer your ads will not follow through, but that’s OK. You don’t want the majority of people to represent your brand- you just need a couple hard-working entrepreneurs on board to help you get started.

Don’t use a broker

Brokers don’t care about your franchise. In order to make your franchise business successful, you will need to sell the first few on your own. No one wants to sell your first franchise, but once you have hurdled that obstacle, subsequent franchise sales will be easier. The more franchises you sell, the more legitimate it looks to potential buyers.

Make it easy for franchisees

As we mentioned in a previous post, one of the best ways to sell franchises is to make it easy for potential franchisees! Creating a franchise opportunity that allows someone to just walk in and start selling will help you attract buyers. Having a good franchise operations manual will also help set their minds at ease.

Another important way to make your franchise business attractive to franchisees is providing franchise financing. Our franchise development group can set you up with $20,000 to $100,000 in corporate credit through unsecured business credit lines, personal credit lines, vendor accounts, and mini-SBA loans.

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Franchise Selling Tip: Make It Easy for Your Franchisees

franchising your clothing boutiqueFranchising is one of the best ways to expand your business, and many self-starting individuals are on the lookout for franchise opportunities to allow them the freedom of business ownership. But how can you get potential franchisees to choose you over the other options? First, you must understand something essential about franchisees.

Buying a business in a box

Typical franchisees want two main things. They want to own a business, but they don’t want to start from scratch. They want a “business in a box” if you will, a solid business plan, marketing, branding, the whole package, so they can jump right in to the business of operating a franchise day to day.

As US News puts it, “if you own a McDonald’s, while you can do things like hire and fire employees, you can’t paint the golden arches purple. But that’s a good thing. You don’t buy a franchise because you want to change it. You buy it because it’s a tried-and-tested business model.”

How to sell franchises

So how can you turn that knowledge of what franchisees want into actual franchise sales? For the answer, just look to Patty’s Closet. Talk about a business in a box! This unique clothing boutique chain has been wildly successful in part due to the way they handle franchise sales.

At Patty’s Closet, you’re not just buying a business plan and license to branding, you’re buying a store that is already set up and ready to go. All the franchisee has to do is walk in and start selling. While you may not want to go as far as setting up the locations for your franchisees, you can certainly apply the same idea to selling your franchises.

At Franchise ASAP, we can help you franchise your business quickly, from creating the Standard Franchise Agreement to developing a comprehensive Franchise Operations Manual, and everything in between. We even offer franchise financing for you and your future franchisees! To discuss your unique franchise project, contact us today.

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How Franchising Makes the American Dream a Possibility

franchise development to expand your businessWhat does the American dream mean to you? For many people, that dream is encompassed by the idea of owning a successful business. Franchising makes it happen for both the franchisor and franchisee!

Franchising your business by the numbers

At Franchise ASAP, our turnkey franchise development services can help you franchise your business for less than $20,000. With a success rate for franchises of 95%, it’s obvious that franchising is an affordable and low-risk way to expand your business. So how does it work exactly?

You will work with our principal, Tom Rather, to develop your franchise, ensuring personalized service and benefiting from his extensive experience as a franchise consultant. We can get you ready to sell franchises in just 6 weeks, and ready to train your new franchisees in another 6 weeks.

The sale of your first franchise will cover the cost you invested in franchising your business, and by the time you sell your 4th franchise, you will have doubled your company’s current profits with minimal investment.

Selling your franchise: What’s in it for the franchisee?

Selling franchises of your business makes it possible for aspiring entrepreneurs to enter the world of business-ownership without breaking the bank. A franchisee could invest just $75,000 or even $50,000, complete a couple weeks of training, and begin running the business with a good chance of success!

To begin the process of franchising your business with the help of an expert franchise development team, contact Franchise ASAP today! We are ready to help you make your franchise dream a success.

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