Franchising is Affordable

There’s no doubt that franchising is the best way to grow your business while minimizing risk and capital investment, but is it within your reach? While hiring a franchise consultant or franchise lawyer can get expensive, Franchise ASAP always strives to keep costs low. Read on to see how affordable franchising can be.

How much does franchise development cost?

Franchise ASAP charges anywhere from $10,000-$20,000 for most franchise development projects. The franchise development fee is usually broken in thirds, with each installment paid as stages of the process are completed. However, we understand small business and know that sometimes cash is tight.

Franchise financing for your business

For business owners who are low on cash but still want to franchise, we offer in-house franchise financing. Franchisors can choose from two different financing options:

  • $2,000/month at 5% interest
  • $1,000/month at 10% interest

We also offer franchise financing to help businesses upgrade their locations, branding, and more. To qualify for these financing sources, you must meet all of these requirements:

  • Credit score of 700+
  • In business for 2 years
  • At least $200,000 annually in revenue

But what happens if your potential franchisees need financing?

Financing a franchise purchase

Our franchise development group can also help your franchisees buy in to the business. Franchise buyers can access financing with:

  • A credit score of 700+
  • No more than 60% available credit in use

Are you ready to make the smartest decision of your entrepreneurial career and franchise your business? If so, contact Franchise ASAP today.