Franchising Your Business Information


How to Franchise Your Business

You’ve decided to franchise. Now you need our help to guide you and develop your franchise. You want it done quickly and you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to do it.

You now understand that franchising your business is the quickest and least risky growth strategy.  You see the advantages of letting others finance and manage the growth of your business.

Turning your business into a franchise may be the smartest business move you ever make. Here are just some of the benefits of franchising your business:

  • Each Franchisee pays you a monthly royalty percentage based on their Gross Sales for a 10 year renewable term.
  • With the sale of just one franchise, you’ll have paid for the cost of franchising your company.
  • With the sale of just 4 franchises, you’ll have doubled the profit of your present company.
  • And you’ll have accomplished all that without investing any money with without hiring any additional employees.

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