Should I Franchise?

Turnkey Franchise Development

The franchise paperwork is like your Franchise Start-Up Kit for your franchisees. The kit includes the following:

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and the Franchise Agreement
Together we will develop the royalty structure and franchise fee. Also, we will develop territory, training and financial controls to fit your franchise model. The FTC has very strict rules on what can and must be presented to prospective franchisees. Following those guidelines we will develop your FDD and Franchise Agreement. These documents will be reviewed and approved by our attorney. These two documents must also be filed in registration states before a prospective Franchisor (the company selling franchises) is permitted, under Federal regulation, to advertise, offer, or attempt to sell franchises. The FDD explains the details of the franchise being offered and ensures that buyers will understand the terms of the relationship.

Franchise Operations Manual
Your Operations Manual will be the basis for the training of your franchisees. It will also be used by the Franchisees to refer to during their ongoing operations, as a guideline reminder on how to run a successful franchise.

Franchise Sales Training Manual
Your Franchise Sales Training Manual will be used to train you and your staff on the nuances of selling your franchise to interested buyers. You will learn how to educate the buyers on “Discovery Day” and close the sale.

Franchise Site Selection Manual
Not all franchises are location dependent. For those that are, we will develop a Site Selection Manual that takes into consideration demographic data, competition, and lease & build out consideration.

Other Franchise Help – Optional
Call us at 1-866-361-9940 for a recorded message and to let us know where to send your “Franchise My Business Report”

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